Terms of Service

Service Statement
When you place an order for a commission, you also agree to abide by all rules and terms of service. Violating these rules will result in refusal of future services. As the artist, I’m reserving the right to deny services as I see fit.

General Information

  • Visual references MUST be provided in order to commission. I currently do NOT work off of written descriptions of characters.

  • Complicated Characters (design, markings, anatomy) may cost extra

  • You must provide consent when ordering commissions that involve Characters that do not belong to you. This EXCLUDES mainstream fan art; anything massed produced on television, movies and video games.

  • PayPal Payments or E-Transfer ONLY. Email will be provided upon payment request.

  • If I’m uncomfortable with the content you are requesting me to draw I will let you know and turn down the work. If you don’t see what you are looking for on my list of will/won't draw please just ask! I’m very open to most requests.

Payments and Refunds

  • Payments are made in full up front before commission work is started unless previously discussed between the commissioner and I.

  • Payment plans may be available, but not guaranteed, by request only.

  • If art isn't started yet, a full refund can be provided upon request.

Your Rights
What can you do with the art?

  • Repost anywhere you’d like

  • Colour in line-art

  • Use it as an icon, badge, or other form of representation of your character.

  • Crop/alter the image

A link back to my FA will do! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/crinklekit/
You can also Tag/Mention me here:
   Telegram = @CrinkleKit
   Instagram = @Crinkle.Kit

Important Information/Rules

  • Backing out of a winning bid or auto buy will result in immediate blacklisting to prevent further bidding on any art. Art will be offered to second highest bidder.

  • Waiting period is typically a couple of weeks to a month. It’s rare that art would take any longer. Customers will be notified if there is a serious delay due to IRL situations.

  • WIPS will be provided at the commissioners request.

  • You may not use your commissioned work for any commercial purposes. Profit made from my work will result in legal action.

Edit Policy
The artist may deny any edits after the sketch approval stage. A cap on edits during the sketch/line stage may be applied by the artist if they become excessive according to the artist. There will be no edits made to commissions over two months old from the time of its completion. Limited to 1-2 Edits after the piece is fully complete, otherwise additional charges will apply.

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