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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a great Samhain and Halloween. Now that we say goodbye to October, we welcome November and start to prepare for Yule and the winter/holiday season. For any new subscribers just joining us, welcome! I have important news and updates to share with all.

First a brief update on art owned. The headshots I acquired so far for my 100 OC challenge should be done tonight/tomorrow. I will start taking headshots for the challenge again after my queue is cleaned up a bit better. That’s about it for art queue update, please refer to my post before this to see my plan for getting caught up on my queue from my mental health hiatus.

For November, we are having a Fall Activity theme for our group picture! I will list the slots here, and if you are on the Alien Plush Pal Tier please fill out the form for which slot you would like to claim for your reward this month.


  1. Caregiver throwing toddler in leaf pile

  2. Abagail being thrown in leaf pile

  3. Song playing in leaf pile next to them

  4. Caregiver pulling wagon

  5. Toddler being pulled in wagon, giggling with friend

  6. Toddler being pulled in wagon, giggling with friend

  7. Toddler trying to pull a different wagon

  8. Toddler sitting in wagon looking sad that its not moving

  9. Toddler flying a kite

  10. Toddler playing monkey in the middle, waiting to catch item

  11. Muzeo playing monkey in the middle, throwing item over monkeys head.

  12. Toddler playing monkey in the middle, looking slightly stressed as they continue to fail catching their item (item of their choice)

  13. Toddler waiting to catch a frisbee

  14. Mama Vixy leaning against a tree, reading a book to Tiny.

  15. Baby Tiny leaning against Vixy Reminder to all subscribers with art rewards to please fill out the form at the top of the members only page every month. Missed rewards due to the lack of filling out the form is not my responsibility. I am no longer chasing people to try and pull a reward from their teeth. So please make sure you fill out the form!

I now have a big update to share with you in regards to Crinkle Kit as a company and its services it provides. As some of you have been aware, doing art full time was never my intention. I had full intention on making Crinkle Kit an ABDL company that produced diaper, onesies and more. I’m excited to announce that we have a few sample products on their way, mainly Adult Pullups since that is what I hope Crinkle Kit focuses on. Providing padding for big kids is my current top priority. There will be more to announce on this as time goes. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. With Crinkle Kit slowly making strides towards being that company, the time to shift away from art has come. Don’t worry! My art isn’t disappearing entirely, just dropping a lot so my queue isn’t as overwhelming and I can focus on art that I’m actually motivated to do. If I’m being honest, I stopped enjoying doing a lot of the big group pictures. I would love to focus more attention on Squid Squad though, because I want to build a story around them. So with a heavy heart I have decided to make a tough decision to change my subscription program and get rid of a lot of tiers next month. Starting December 1st the following changes are being made. Star Dust - STAYING

Sticker Stars - STAYING - Adding 5 slots. Alien Plush Pals - DELETING

Squid Squad - STAYING - Raising price to $40 Padded Planet - DELETING

Constellation Chronicles - DELETING

Please DO NOT switch your tier until December 1st.

Tiers like Star Dust and Sticker Stars don’t have to panic or do anything ahaha.

Squid Squad… the prices is rising but there will be an added reward to make up for it!

Squid Squad members will now get: a one time intro comic of your OC, your OC in the monthly Squid Squad group picture, an activity sheet, AND a story! A story? Thats new! Mama Vixy is gonna start writing things to go along with the picture of the month. Thats a whole lot of things…

I think that’s it for the update for now….

Happy November everyone!

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