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Hiya everyone! It’s time for another update! I’m sorry if I'm obnoxious with them. I just don’t like to keep people in the dark and I think regular updates are best for this. I’m going to try and make this one smaller though. So I first want to take some time to explain my brain a bit and where I’m at? I’ve been feeling really insecure about it all but I feel its important to talk about. I have a wide mix of mental health … problems… issues… (I hate both those words can we please think of something nicer?) that has made my brain foggy. To me it’s really sad because I can watch my brain deteriorate through my sketches over the years. I've been working hard at getting my skill back, and hope with the help of medication my brain will be less foggy and so I can concentrate better. I’m working on being more confident with my work so I can do it all myself, but currently I find my brain is too foggy to register details like muzzles, fingers, perspective. I have improved in some ways but I have drastically declined in others. Please be patient with me as I experiment with prescriptions and take more drawing classes in hopes of being more confident with my work. I’m looking for my marbles as fast as I can ;u; I finished the xmas commission, please worship my xmas tree.

Full Res Here

Now, as most of you know I am no longer doing collabs with Tato. However, I did get the okay from him to complete any work we were gonna do together. There is a handful of 1-2 character YCH’s sketches I got from him, and I'm going to be releasing them in the next coming weeks as auctions. These auctions will be everyone's last chance to get a Tato + Crinkle Kit collab for the time being.

I know Squid Squad has been left on the edge of their seats wondering if their tier was also going to disappear because of this sudden change. I’m here to announce that Squid Squad is here to stay with the help of my new collab partner… Baby Star! Star has very generously offered to help me with some collab work until I find my marbles. One of the first things we're gonna do is update the intro comic. Then we will pick up Squid Squad in March. Why March? Glad you asked, random voice. I'm gonna take another hiatus this February from subscriber rewards. I hate taking hiatuses but I feel like I mentally need a longer break and coming back so soon was a mistake. This will hopefully allow me to catch up on everything that is needed and put out those auctions. As before, you have no obligation to stay subscribed for the month of February if you wish to save some money. I just hope to see you again in March. For those who do stick around next month, your continued support is heckin appreciated.

I still don’t know what I'm doing in terms of art rebranding. I’m leaning towards just adding art to the end and just being an extension of what I hope will be a much larger company. If that's the case, my current art site will be migrating over to a new domain CrinkleKitArt or something. Meaning will become a landing page to redirect you between the two branches. CrinkleKit.Shop will be the actual ABDL store/company. Crinkle Kit has decided to launch with Diapers, Onesies and simple toys to start. The pull ups aren't off the table they are just far off on the table because I’m a baby with stubby arms and need to wait for others to push them closer to me. In short, the manufacturer we were dealing with has spotty communication and we either do the extreme wait game or we hunt for another manufacturer… or both because waiting is painful and we can look in the mean time. OH! One more thing I wanna add. If you don’t know about it Squiggle/Star/Gem/Sammy… whichever you know her as, is trying to do something amazing for her 40th birthday. She’s trying to raise 40,000 for 4 charities before she turns 40. Please check it out here and consider donating! Click here to learn more and donate!

I think that’s it for now? If there is any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave them below or find me on one of my social medias and reach out.

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