Time to fly!

Hiya Squid Squad! I think it's time for a new update. First I want to thank you for your continued patience as I catch up on my queue. I have a lot of intro comics to get to still and I apologize it's taking a while. However I do finally have Septembers Squad picture finally done. There are a couple cameos in this one because I needed another member for it to work and at the time I was a couple members short so I put Vixy and Mamoo in it.

You can find the full res version as well as the activity sheet to go with this here.

Octobers is getting going to begin the inking process now as I begin to catch up on my queue. However I'm sure you all are anxiously awaiting what we are doing for November... I have decided this picture will revolve around one of Squid Squad very first assignments.

Starting the space ship. Hey uh... does anyone know how to start this thing?? There is a lot of buttons and I've never actually launched this thing before... đź‘€ So we will all be kinda confused and pushing buttons or staring at the overwhelming control board. The control board is made of a variety of kids toys to give us the most amount of buttons possible, my fav being the bop it dash extension. Maybe someone on the chatter phone calling HQ for starting the engine instructions? Please talk amongst your fellow squad mates in the discord squid squad area to decide who should be on the phone(1), or pressing a button(2), or if you just wanna look concerned or try to stop someone from pressing the button(everyone else). I think thats it for now everyone, I will post in a week or so again here. I look forward to seeing every ones teamwork in figuring out roles in this scene. Seeya later cadets!

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