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Thank you for voting everyone! It was a really close call for those options because we dont have a lot of members. However the votes came in, and without further ado I would like to officially announce that Octobers theme for Squid Squad is Haunted House! With that being said please fill out the form with any details you might like for this. I need to know any costume/clothing preference. I've also recently decided to make the Squid Squad tier little/toddler/babyfur whatever name you want to give... a small child characters only tier. I kinda had this idea with Squid Squad being like a group of friends slowly learning about the world and doing dumb baby things, and it throws off a lot of scenes when there is and adult character that could easily break us of said situations, or throws off the natural cute baby vibe. I only had one member with an adult character, they have been made aware of options and have decided to stay. They will be the only exception to my tier, they are grandfathered in? is that the term? They will mainly have their character turned into a plushie and dragged on journeys that way, or the occasional caregiver slot when needed. I wanted this to be known because I dont want you getting your caregiver/adult friends excited to come on these trips when they wont be able to join.

Next month there wont be a poll for the theme, next month we are doing a Squid Squad mission. I think every other month will be Squid Squad mission and the opposite months will be holiday/normal theme? idk am still working things out.

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