Squid New Year!

... Whats a 'baby' new year? I know Squid new year. Hiya Squid Squad! I don't really have much to report right now... This January's Squid Squad theme will be a follow up to Novembers. In November we were trying to figure out how to start the ship. Doesn't look like we had much luck, Comet had to come grab us with their ship instead. So when you fill out the reward form, keep in mind you will be wearing you Squid Squad jacket for this one, but all other clothing is optional for you. Lemme know what your reaction would be to seeing Comet's ship for the first time. So for this post lets just recap last years squid squad pictures so far (minus November because I'm still working on it.... and Lav's intro pic!) Sometimes in these posts I will write a letter to Comet. Here is the first one! "Dear Comet,

Back in August when I first launched... nobody had joined yet. So I was still all alone drifting through space. I was on a search for amazing friendships, and hoped to recruit those friends to join my Squid Squad. I met some amazing friends since then, and we have gone on some crazy adventures. From 'life like' plushie playtimes, or going through haunted school hallways. It didn't take my new friends long to go from stranger to squad member.

As of Novembers group picture thats missing here, me and the members are trying to learn how to start our homemade space ship. I thought I remembered how from when you taught me but... well... you remember getting that call from Flare asking about it. Sorry Nathan was yelling about pizza. Thank you for offering to come grab us! I can't wait to see your space ship!"

I'll post here again in a couple weeks with a new update.

SEE YA~! >:D

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