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Hiya everyone! Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet during this hiatus month. I’ve been suffering with some pretty bad brain fog and lack of concentration lately. I will try to get through this as best I can. If I can just be real with everyone first for a moment… I’m exhausted. There is no other word I think that can describe how utterly exhausted I really am. It’s just been a lot juggling dealing with everything between my art, starting up a business when not know how to start a business, trying to keep up with socials, my other job, and household duties. I appreciate everyones on going patience with everything as I am only human and can do so much. So I just updated the membership tiers! I added new pretty pictures for the tier banners and added a new tier as well! Squid Squads rewards have slightly been adjusted too. If anyone needs any additional information or clearing up regarding tier changes please lemme know!

On another note, I know I like… JUST announced I was going to work with Star. But due to some personal changes and feedback I’ve decided to give the middle finger to everyone and show everyone what I can do on my own. So I will not be doing any collabs for the next few months. That may change later but for now I am firm on no collab pieces. The only exception to that right now is the left over YCH collabs with Tato I'm releasing soon.

I’m picking up with rewards again this March! So get your ideas ready.

I think thats everything for now!

Thankies everyone for your continued support.

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