Playpen Prisoners

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It's that time again! I'm currently wrapping up Augusts group picture and that should be finished an up soon. Now it's time to announce this months theme and slots available. ✨ This months theme is Playpen Prisoner, and will be a full ABDL piece instead of babyfur. Those who are on the Alien Plush Pals tier gets first dibs at these slots as part of their reward before they go public. Alien plush pals, please comment the number of the slot you would like to claim.

  1. Herr Storich (Tato Character) tugging on leash with two inmates behind.

  2. Inmate being tugged on leash, teary eyes

  3. Inmate being tugged on leash, panicked and blushing

  4. Guard diapering and binding a new inmate.

  5. Jess bound on change table being diapered by guard, embarrassed/blush

  6. Inmate in a hanging cage, trying to reach down to a key that is sitting on a table below, determined face with tongue sticking out.

  7. Inmate in a hanging cage, defeated face, given up sitting with their feet dangling

  8. Hypno inmate, bound, diapered, gagged while starig at a TV with swirls in their eyes

  9. Abigail Hypnoed, bound, diapered, gagged, hypno eyes and drooling around the locked pacifier in their mouth.

  10. Hypno inmate trying to look away from the screen and avoid being hypnotized. Mechanical arms trying to force their head towards the TV and trying to strap a new paci gag on them. Screaming “Get this baby crap away from me!”

  11. Song locked in highchair, a feeding tube locked in their mouth as they are being fed. Overly filled diaper. Panicked eyes crossed staring at the tube in their mouth. (Can be chubby)

  12. Inmate being locked/bound into a plush by mechanical arms. (You can choose animal plush)

  13. Horny/smug guard feeling up/checking an inmates diaper

  14. Inmate bound to wall and with lockable pacifier having their diaper checked by guard, blushing heavily.

  15. Guard sitting down with inmate over their lap paddling them.

  16. Inmate across Guards lap, trying to squirm away but arms bound behind them, ass out and red from paddling.

If you see a name underlined, that means the slot is taken. 😔

I haven't decided where Tiny is going to go in this picture... it's hard for me to decide! So I'm gonna take the last available slot ;)

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