October is Here!

Hiya Squid Squad! I know it's been a bit of a bumpy start but things are slowly coming together. With the first intro comic out of the way the others ones will be made faster since it's the same comic base, just different character and numbers/patches. Same intro madlib too! So if you are a member the madlib can be found in the last post. Septembers group picture is coming along great! The flat colours are done and now I just have to shade it. You can see the WIP here.

I never asked everyone about this months group theme because I was doing something different this month for the main group. I typically keep the same kinda theme for them both each month. However, I would love to do something non memorial related with my Squid Squad members. I need something lighter. Something thats not gonna make me cry any time I go to work on it. So while there is still a week or so left to decide and gather all information, will you all help me? I'm gonna list the themes here and you can go vote at the link at the end. ✨ Haunted House

Some people doing the scaring some people getting scared. Terror only walks in these hallways... are you brave enough? Trick or Treating

Show off your costume to your friends as we go up to our neighbors and see if they have tricks or treats waiting for us. From shy to hyper/excited little ones, candy is for everyone! Will the caregiver be able to handle tonight though?

Fall Activities Some how cleaning up the yard has turning into little one jumping into leaf piles, making leaf crowns and flying kites. Nothing can beat nice autumn days like today.

Squid Squad Mission Wow it seems Tiny has recruited lots of members now! I think it's time we leave the space station and head out on our first mission. ... ... ... ... Does.... Does anyone know how to start the ship? Everyone crowds around the control panel completely confused. The control panel seems to be made of a variety of kids toys. Do we put the non point block in the box like whole? Do we bop it or twist it? Poll Ends October 7th 11AM or when all Squid Squad members thus far has voted. PLEASE VOTE HERE FOR THEME. Once the poll ends I'll make another shorter update announcing the theme and asking everyone to fill out the form for this month.

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