Nightmare Before Christmas

Hiya Squid Squad! Long time since I've posted here... it's been over a month! I'm so sorry about that. But I'm happy to say that I am catching up! Octobers Squid Squad group picture is finished, and I will be working on the November one now. I'm hoping to have Novembers group picture done by the first week of January. Things are gonna get a lot easier as I am no longer doing the massive public group pictures I used to so I can focus more on my Squad.

You can find multiple versions of the image as well as the activity sheet for this month HERE

I'm finished all but one intro comic now. But there is still room on Squid Squad so tell your friends!! I will be picking up rewards again in January, sorry for the lack of December rewards cause of my hiatus. Reminder we will be doing short stories next month as well! I always wanted to tell stories with Squid Squad. đź’• Here's all current Squid Squad members! (minus Lav who hasn't gotten hers yet)

I think thats it for now everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Yule or whatever holiday you celebrate. May it be full of love.đź’•

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