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Hiya Squid Squad! Long time no personal post eh? Sorry about that. And this one is brief!

First thing, I finished the inks and flats for November Squid Squad picture! By the time you read this I will have probably started shading it already too! Click here to see the flats. While I was working on that, I was also working on January’s Squid Squad picture as well. I didn’t get far yet but the inks have been started and should be done hopefully sometime next week. This should have me on schedule with being completely caught up by the time I return from my hiatus.

Also, I know three of you are still waiting for intro pictures and I want to inform you that they are coming! However, the intro will be done in the new 2021 intro comic style done with Star now instead of the previous year which was done with Tato. Here is the sketch Star did for the new intro comic. This one will be 3 paneled this time and include Comet with us. I will be working on it this month as well so I can hopefully catch up on those intros!

I was moving some things around in my google drive. You can now access everything that has ever been made for Squid Squad through this folder. Past group pictures, intros, and activity sheet! It’s all there. Click Here For Squid Squid Folder.

I think that’s it for now squidlings! I will keep you all updated!

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