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Hiya Squid Squad! I wanted to go more in depth with you all about some of the points I have made in the latest post in the Subscribed Cadets area. However, before I go into big details of everything I feel this is long overdue. I finished the November Squid Squad group picture.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL RES FILE +ACTIVITY SHEET! The January Squid Squad picture is almost done being Inked and will most likely be flat coloured by the start of the week. Now regarding the group pictures going forward. I know I just announced I would now start doing Collabs with Star but due to feedback from the community I have decided I will no longer continue doing these rewards as collab pieces. With no longer doing collabs for this, it has changed a few things regarding rewards.

I know I recently shared an image of what the collab intro pictures may look like, but I have decided to redo it (again lol) with some minor changes to my original idea. This comic page layout will also make it easier for me to remember your number and personal patch. Here is my very sketchy concept sketch I did. I will be working on this heavily in the next couple weeks.

Some of you may have already read that the reward changes how often group pictures are made as well. Group pictures will be done every other month, however you now get a custom telegram sticker during the months in between. I’m picking back up this March, you will be able to get a telegram sticker this month and in the group picture the following month.

I hope you all understand, I appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

I think that’s it for now squidlings! Have a good night!

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