Intro MadLib in coming!

Hiya Squid Squad! It's you captain Tiny here with a small update. First quick update is about this months Squid Squad group picture. The picture is fully inked and should be flat coloured within the next few days. Shading will take me a little bit and I appreciate your patience as always.

I'm not sure if any of you remember... but there is a one time reward for becoming a member on the Squid Squad tier. Meaning you get it once, not monthly. This one time reward is kinda like your character introduction into Squid Squad! I'm sorry that those have been taking so long, I didn't intend to have so much end up on my art queue as I did. However they are all coming a long nicely! You should see them starting to come out slowly, so keep your eyes out for yours! Especially now that the first one is done! Which is always the hardest because I have to do EVERYTHING. But now its just switching the character out which is just some ink and colour edits, shouldn't take me as long. Each MadLib is the same, but can be customized over and over again! You can find the MadLib HERE

Howler is the first member that signed up for Squid Squad, so naturally his comic came out first. You can also find it HERE

Thank you all again for signing up to be a member of my Squid Squad! Tiny is signing out and beaming off for the weekend.

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