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Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a good start to the new year so far. For me its to soon to tell, this year seems like the last and is a huge rollercoaster already. However there is many new things both art and ABDL product related things. So let's dive right into thing! Art Unfortunately I don't really have any new art to showcase right now. I'm very close to finishing the shading of the x-mas commission I showed last. I hope to be able to show the two things from November left over soon (main group picture and squid squad group), and I'm gonna start working on this months stickers this week. Now listen up as this next thing is very important with my art going forward. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, and with a heavy heart, I must announce that I will no longer be doing collabs with Tato. I don't want to get into it, as it's between Tato and I and really not that relevant/important.

What does this mean going forward? I'm going to finish up what I do have for Tato/CrinkleKit collabs. So Novembers group pictures, January's squid squad picture, January's stickers will all still get done. I'm currently unsure where personal projects stand as I feel weird about them now. I have a lot of red sketches I got for myself over the past year that I never ended up doing because I focus all my energy now on commission work and don't do much personal work anymore.

I'm also unsure of the YCH collabs I was going to be doing. I have a lot of 1-2 characters cute pictures I got from private Tato streams, I was going to release them as open YCH or auctions. Just like my rocket popper YCH. I want to release them... and I really don't think he would mind? I'm just not allowed to book streams or work with him anymore? IDK.

I understand if I lose followers over this. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone with this. I don't think my work is super terrible but I don't feel confident on my own to do big group pictures so I'm currently unsure of what this means for Squid Squad and I may need to go on a hiatus next month while I figure that out. I have one friend possible be interested in collabs with me, and I'm open for anyone who wants to do group collabs with me. So calling any artists friends, wanna collab? Lets chat and work things out!

In the mean time I guess my time is gonna be spent catching up on my queue, and FINALLY taking the online art courses I paid for months back and never took ;u; Also random side note, Crinkle Kit was always meant to be my ABDL company name... sooo I'm thinking of changing my logo to separate it kinda? CKA - Crinkle Kit Art? I'm taking suggestion.

Crinkle Kit - ABDL Company If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet...

Official Crinkle Kit Shop <-Click to check out

Yes, I know. Still just a boring landing page... but what you don't see is all the work being done BEHIND this screen. Preparing the layout of our shop page and getting everything in order. I feel I must come clean with you all. We are finding our fair share of set backs like most starting businesses tend to. Our current issue is we don't have a good pull up supplier yet. Don't get me wrong there is no shortage of suppliers but we wanna make sure our products can hold the weight of our standards if you know what we mean. We are awaiting a few more samples from a few more manufactures, so fingers crossed! However, we do have a great supplier for diapers. We kinda want to begin with launching the diapers, but we also don't want to disappoint the community by not bringing the pull ups we set out to bring. Would you be disappointed if we launched with diapers, rattles, and onesies first? Should we wait?

Also, if you haven't met her yet... meet Comet!

Like most things, she started as a simple idea. From idea, to contest, to bot, she definitely started to round out as a character and full on project. She's now the mascot for Crinkle Kit. She's gonna guide you all through your purchases. Comet is also gonna be getting her own comic series! Mama Vixy and I are working hard to bring a fascinating world and story to you all. I can't wait to share!

I think that's all... Sorry for the wall of text everyone ;u; Blasting off for now.

**Key Questions I would love to know** Is no longer doing collabs with Tato going to effect you following my art? Are you an artist or know an artist that wants to collab with me?

Should I make a new logo for my art? CKA - Crinkle Kit Art?

Would you be disappointed if we didn't launch with pull-ups?

Should we wait to launch until we have pull-ups or do you want to see our other products?

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