Hello everyone,

So this one is super important listen up! It’s December 1st so the tiers are going up in price. Meaning I’ve cancelled all your subscriptions, and you will have to RESUBSCRIBE to a tier you would like. That being said, reminder that I’m on a hiatus this month, so no rewards will happen this month, but be picked up next month. Subscribing even at the $2 Star dust tier allows you entry into Discord events such as the Secret Santa art trade and movie nights. The new subscription buttons are up and will be until the 10th. Follow the same steps as before to subscribe except the making an account on Crinkle Kit site part because you are already here. I will delete old accounts that don't resubscribe after the 10th.

Anyone who’s subscriptions already went through with old prices will be REFUNDED.

The following changes are happening immediately.

Star Dust >> Staying $2

Sticker Stars >> Was $15 >> Now $20

Alien Plush Pals >> DELETED

Squid Squad >> Was $30 >> Now $40

Padded Planet >> DELETED

Constellation Chronicles >> DELETED

Due to the lack of December rewards I completely understand if you unsubscribe during the month of December in order to save yourself some money for the holidays. My tiers will be open again at the beginning of January.

Santa Art Trade

We’ve decided to host a small holiday event that kinda runs into January. This event is 100% voluntary/optional. We are doing Secret Santa Art Trade. Here is how things will work. From now until December 8th you can fill out a Secret Santa Request Card. This card will have basic info like Discord/Telegram username, Character name, Character ref, etc. On the 9th, I will give everyone their secret santa. Now you are responsible for either drawing, or commissioning someone to draw your secret santa character. I would love it if everyone could try and draw their own picture but I understand some folks may be more comfortable with getting someone else to draw for them. You will have from December 9th to January 31st to complete your secret santa. Please don’t be that person that doesn’t make/get anything for your secret santa. :c If this does happen though I will do my best to sketch something myself for whoever missed out.

Secret Santa Card Here

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