Happy Spooky Month!

Hiya Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your first weekend into the spooky month. I’m still trying my best to update here at least once a week so this is the beginning of the week announcement/update! I fixed up the form! I noticed some of you who did fill out the form were forced to answer questions that did not pertain to your tier. I have gone back in the form and fixed it so it shouldn’t force you to do that any more. Please make sure to fill out the form every month! You should also notice that the form can now be conveniently found on the main membership page at the top! Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone Starting this month I am severely limiting the main group picture slots. I won’t be doing 15-20 character group pictures anymore, they will be limited to 10-12people. This means 3 slots go to my Alien Plush Pal Tier, Tiny gets a slot, Tato gets a slot, which means 5 to 7 will go to the general public. A Quick Reminder! Any one on any tier can buy a slot for the main group pictures. This includes if you are already on the Alien Plush Pal tier. You can buy an extra slot for you or your friend and apply your commission discount that comes with your tier! Canadian Thanksgiving is this upcoming weekend, so happy gobble gobble day to my Canadian furs like me! Honestly I really wish I knew more baby fur and caregivers in the area because I would hold a Thanksgiving IRL for us all. Would be an awesome potluck I think. Im not close with my family anymore so the idea of having a fur fam makes me happy. As for other art projects… The headshots are coming a long nicely. Every slot I did fill so far has gotten inked and flat coloured and now I’m just adding the final detailing to them all. I will probably start taking head shot commissions again for this challenge once I have my queue under control. Here’s a WIP

The main group picture for September theme is coming along very slowly. The inks aren’t even finished yet and I know that’s disappointing but I promise it will be worth the wait.

My current main focus is making sure all the pieces for the memorial service is done on time. So I’m sorry if my communication drops I promise I am working on things as fast as possible. I thank you so incredibly much for your patience.

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