Happy New Year! 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

I know it’s been a heck of a year for everyone, but hopefully the holidays were enjoyable. Ringing in this new year, I wanted to update everyone on what is currently going on and what has transpired over the last month while I was on hiatus.

Hiatus talk, real talk, what was supposed to be a time for me to catch up on artwork and needed pieces, ended up being a much more busy time than expected. Between health appointments with Vixy, errands that took longer than needed, a car that needed to be sold and many other things, I didn’t have nearly as much time as I wanted to be able to get the work done that I had hoped. I am currently working on trying to get through as much as I can as fast as I can, but it will take more time. WIPS will be sent out when possible, and if you would like any information regarding a piece you might be waiting for, please let me know.

Now, what is happening now that it’s January? Well, the hiatus is over. The subscriber tiers are re-opened on the site, so if you get art rewards make sure to fill out the reward form. If you would like to change the subscription tier you are currently on, just cancel your current one and subscribe to the one you wish. Changes have happened in terms of what I am offering artwork wise as well as prices for commissions. Be sure to head to the Commission Info page to check out the changes.

As of right now, the current work that is still owing can still be found on my Trello Board. I open it every day while I work so it kept up to date. As mentioned, I am working at this as fast as I can, and updates will be provided when possible. The continued support and understanding of everyone is greatly appreciated. In the mean time, enjoy this WIP of a clients commission I'm working on. I just have the shading to do. Please don't repost this.

I think that's it... message me if you need me! Seeya tomorrow for the watch party in Discord.

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