Goodbye October

Hiya everyone, sorry for the lack of update at the beginning of the week. We are now at the end of the month so it’s time to wrap up this month with an update and showing you some art I did manage to get done.

Art Update

So as some of you are aware, I kinda took a mental health hiatus at the end of September/Begining of October and I’m still catching up from that. It wasn’t an official hiatus and it should’ve been from how much lack of work was getting done. However, what’s done is done so now there is only the plans to catch up to really share.

I’m going to write below this a list of what’s on my queue on where its at and when it should be done. However, the complete list of everything for a more in-depth look that is owned/on my queue can be found here on my Trello. [Click here to go to Trello]

October Stickers Rewards - Just Finished/Sent Out.

HeadShots from 100 OC challenge - Flat Colored/Being Shaded - Due Date November 2nd

Caretaker Prize 3rd Place Headshot - Starting Now - Due November 2nd

September Group Picture - Flat Colored/Being Shaded - Due Date November 15th

September Squid Squad Picture - Flat Colored/Being Shaded - Due November 5th

October Group Picture - Starting November 2nd - Due Date November 20th

October Squid Squad Picture - Starting November 5th - Due November 23rd

Anything else I didnt mention I’m gonna try to work on in between or may start after. I’m gonna try and get ahead of this schedule too… so keep an eye out for the weekly updates to see the progress. I’ve been feeling really good the past week and a bit so I’m happy to say I’m back in the flow of things and going full force while still taking breaks so I don’t burn out ;u;

I thank you for your patience on all the art things. Here are all the things I said recently got finished.

Memorial Look Back

Also another thing that happened this month was Rebecca Dragons memorial. If you recall I took on a few pro bono pieces. I finished 2 of 4 of them in time, I’m gonna share them again here because I feel like I never shared the one.

Comet the Caretaker

Remember when we held that contest? Remember the character that won? I’m still working on their ref and back story and things… but they are working as a functional Discord Bot on my server. They currently do a few things, they grant new guests member roles once they agree to lobby rules, they check your diaper or others if needed, and they can tell you a variety of jokes to make you smile. We hope to update Comet regularly with new features, like singing lullabies for little, or trying to hit on a caregiver with her latest pick up line.

Not in the discord server yet?

[Click Here to join Crinkle Kit’s Discord Server]

Halloween Party TOMORROW

If you are reading this….. YOU ARE INVITED!!!! From now on all Discord events are Subscriber only. So as long as you are at least on the Star Dust tier, you can attend our events. Tomorrow is our special Halloween event! This event will take place mainly on this discord sever, but will have a small Animal Crossing New Horizon portion at the beginning for those who have switches and the game.

We are gonna have a spin wheel with prizes! Sticker Star and above get 1 free spin each! Extra spins can be purchased for $2/ extra spin. These spins on the wheel can result in prizes worth $15+!

Find the schedule below, please note that all events take place in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

9am - 10pm Accepting Costume Contest Entries

3 - 5pm Animal Crossing Island Open

5 - 6pm Snack Making

6-7pm Simpsons Halloween Episodes

7-730pm Prize Wheel

7:30 - 8:30pm Spooky Story Time with Mama Vixy

8:30 - 10:30pm Halloween Movie Time

10:30pm Halloween Costume Contest Judging

And that will conclude our night. I might be up for a couple rounds of Among Us before I head to bed when all the events are over.

Aaaannnnnnddddd yeaaah. I think that’s everything for now. Like there is more I can write but this is already a lot so I will save what I have to say for my November greeting next week.

Happy Halloween

Happy Samhain

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