Finished September

Good day cadets!

I have now finally caught up with September. I finished the group picture for that month and have started on Octobers. The only thing I owe from October is a personal padded planet reward and that member is fully aware of the wait. I appreciate my subscribers to no end for giving me the opportunity to catch up and still believing in me and cheering me on this entire time.

FULL RES HERE This was fun to do, I kinda experimented with lighting on this one but admittedly towards the end I just wanted to get this done. I think I much prefer drawing toddlers but this is still a major button pusher for me. I hope you all enjoy it! You may have noticed that this picture doesnt have my usual watermark. Thats because I technically have 2. One of them is for toddler/sfw related while I like to use the second one for more NSFW adult pieces. Same name, different logo style. Now I must get back to my queue otherwise it'll never get done x.x Next time I post should have at least WIP of October things, if not finished. Till next time cadets!

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