Catching Up

Hiya everyone! I normally try to avoid posting on the weekend but I think I finished something big and I want to share it with everyone. Originally I was going to shade Rahhtober... and if I get complaints about it I will go back and do shading. However I would like to take others advice and not shade this for my own sanity. I didn't make money on the Rahhtober piece, all the work I've done for it has been for free as all the funds were donated to the memorial. Which is fine, but I underestimated the work I would be able to put into this without financially hurting myself. It's been really eating my time. I said. Not shading it, not unless there is many complaints from the people involved in the group picture.

Just in case here is [FULL RES] of RAHtober. I also finished a past September reward that had paid for some extra work to be done. So I hope you like these pieces! More updates in the upcoming weeks. Till Next time! Tiny

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