Caretaker Contest Winner!!

I know you all have been eagerly awaiting the result of the caretaker contest and they are finally in! But first and foremost I wanted to give my thanks and appreciate to everyone that helped make this contest possible. What started out as a little idea became something bigger for this community. All the entries were beautiful and unique in their own way which made it even more amazing. A good contest always has a great variety of potential winners and I applaud all the artists and little (past or present) who entered. A big shout out to Mama Vixy for not only helping create contest page, but for working on our soon to be Comet bot in our discord group. Now I'm sure you are done waiting.... Can I get a drum roll please?

THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST IS..... Entry #4!! (Foxykissus#1760 via Discord) 2nd place goes to Entry #3 (@ComfyConnie via Telegram) 3rd place goes to Entry #5 (otterlyoffbeat#2613 via Discord) I will be reaching out to all the winners about their prizes. Thankies again everyone! When I say this was a close contest I mean this was a VERY close contest. I've decided to give access to the actual full poll results to my subscribers. There was a lot of time y'all were neck in neck with each other. Towards the end it really started to define the winners and then in the last 24hrs its been so tightly close in votes it was crazy stuff. I mainly wanted to show the poll results because I wanted to show you how much the community appreciates it's mainy different artists in the community. To show it doesn't matter the skill level of drawing, what matters is the thought and meaning you put into the work you do. đź’• I'm so proud of everyone and I hope you all continue your artistic paths.

I'll be posting an art update next week. Hoping to start posting 1-2 times a week at least on here. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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