Big heckin update

Hiya cadets, it's time for another update! I'm really bad at these... Honestly I make plans for these posts but than they never happen and I apologize. Other things take more time than I intend them too.

So first I wanted to first give an update on the memorial pieces that came out of the memorial stream I got with Tato. I got a few sketches and one fully inked piece from him. I fully finished the inked piece I got.

The other pieces are coming soon! I'm currently experimenting with a different more textured brush to do my inks with, and I think it will work well with the one memorial piece. So yea. There are those to look forward too. Now back to subscriber things. Next months group picture is Rahhtober in honor of Rebecca. Those on the Alien Plush Pal tier, you will automatically have slots in this and your subscription funds will be donated to Ellys memorial service to help them out with all the costs they may need. These slots are very generic, so there is no slot list to choose from. All I need to know/have is a) Your ref b) If you would like your OC to be turned into a dragon or wear a dragon kigu (if wearing kigu what colour dragon). Turning into dragon I will match your current OC pattern. Please note if you are already a dragon you can just tell me an outfit you would like to be in. c) Toddler or adult for this? I have closed commissions to catch up with my queue. Feel free to ask for updates on things if you are waiting on something or have questions. I'm sorry if anything takes a little longer than normal due to the memorial slots. I'm going to prioritize subscriber rewards for the remainder of the month, only working on memorial pieces during my 'down time'. Pfft. Down time. Whats that? Oh yea! I posted office hours on my telegram. These office hours mean hours I am working on my queue and responding to clients as fast as possible. Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm

I think thats it for the update for now? I think?

I'm sure I'm missing something. Till next time space cadets!

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