August Group Picture

Welcome back to school everyone! I'm thrilled to have everyone in the same class as me.

Full Rez to save [CLICK HERE] Sorry I'm slightly behind on this. I wanted to release it the first week of September or first day of school (8th) latest. ... It's the 9th I did my best 😅Thankies for your patience everyone! Speaking of school... lemme tell you some things. My commissioned are and will be closed for the foreseeable future as I focus on some art classes I want to focus on. The only way to get art from me is either the group pictures or through my subscriptions tiers that come with custom art since thats all I can handle right now. And YCH's. If it's in my open YCH folder on FA than I'll accept those commission request. Remember, you can apply your commission discount you get with your tier to get YCH and extra slots in the group picture for your friends.

Now excuse me I have to go study and work on my queue...

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