Please note, all prices are in USD. These are monthly subscriptions, you will be billed on the same day each month. Example, if you subscribe on the 3rd of the month, you will be billed on the 3rd of next month.

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions are only available from the 1st until the 10th of the month. Subscribe buttons will be disabled after the 10th until the 1st of next month. The Star Dust tier will always be available.

Membership Guide

The steps below will guide you towards joining a subscription tier, then signing up for the Members Only page.

Step 1) Select your subscription tier. Click on the Subscribe button for the tier you would like to join. Follow the on screen prompts regarding signing into PayPal and setting up the subscription.

Step 2) Once you are subscribed, click on the Members Only page. You will be brought to a Sign-Up page.

Step 3) Fill out the information on the sign up page. You can enter your furry name instead of RL name when it asks for First and Last Name if you would prefer. Ensure you add your paypal email address where it asks so we can verify your account with your subscription.

Step 4) You will come to a screen that mentions we have received your account request and that you have to wait for approval. This allows us to ensure only those who have subscribed have access to the members page.

Step 5) You will receive an email to the one you provided (not paypal email unless it's the same) letting you know once we have approved your account. Please be patient as depending when you create your account, it may take us time to approve it.

Step 6) Once you are approved, you can click on the member portal in the top right of the screen and click "Sign-In". Once signed in, you will have full access to the Members Only page.


- Access to website members area which includes WIPs and some freebies that pop up along the way.

- Link to Telegram group chat.

- Link to Discord Server.

- Access to member only events on Discord, these include: Movie nights, story time, and holiday/planned events.

- Early access to content.



- Everything from Star Dust Tier.

- Monthly custom sticker (2 Character limit).

- 10% off regular commission.

(3 / 15)

Experiment #1151

- Everything from Star Dust Tier.

- Sketch Page or  two stickers Monthly
- 15% off regular commissions

(0 / 5)


- Everything from Star Dust Tier.

- Introduction picture of your character joining the Squid Squad.

- Squid Squad exclusive group picture every other month (these will mainly be just art pieces, but will sometimes come with small kids activities like i-spy/find it games, mad libs, etc).
- Custom Sticker every other month opposite to the group pictures. (2 Character Limit)

- 15% off regular commissions.

**Please Note: The Squid Squad tier is only for those with a toddler aged fursona. They need to be able to walk and talk.**

(5 / 7)

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