Per Character - $10
Sketch Page - $40

(This includes 3 big sketches then small additions to fill page)

Add Colour - $5


Flat Colour

First Character - $40*
+Additional Character(s) - $20*
+Prop(s) - $2 and up



First Character - $60*
+Additional Character(s) - $45*
+Prop(s) - $5 and up

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Telegram Stickers

Half Bod - $20*
Full Bod - $25*
+Additional Character Half Bod - $7*
+Additional Character Full Bod - $10*

tiny sticker ojwine.png

* Character complexity can increase the base price for 1 character. This is at my discretion.

** Just line art can be done upon request. Pricing will be provided upon request.

*** Free Simple Gradient Background Included with Flat Colour Tier and Up.
**** Detailed Backgrounds - $10 and up

Please note that all prices listed are within USD. Payments must be made in USD.

Tato + Crinkle Kit Collab
I am working with Tato to offer line work, colouring, and shading to finish work that was done on his streams. If you would like pictures you have previously gotten from him finished up, please provide me with the CSP or Photoshop file. If you would like me to book a stream with Tato for your picture request, I can do that as well.

Please note, all prices regarding the work done on Tato's pieces are on a case by case basis. Each picture and piece is different, and the details or additions can affect the price. If I am booking a stream, and you would like a sketch by Tato and the rest done by me, I will charge you based on how long Tato took for your piece, and then the additional work on my end.

Will Draw

  • Human

  • Furry

  • Feral

  • Babyfur

  • ABDL

  • Various fetishes

  • Sexual Themes

Won't Draw

  • Ref Sheets

  • Machinery / Overly Mech Characters

  • Exposed Scat

  • Anything racist or homophobic

If there is something you are not sure regarding having me draw, please let me know and we can discuss the commission.

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