Caretaker Poll

The results are in! Thank you everyone who participated and all of those who voted! Below, I have included the winner of the contest as well as the two runners up!

I will be having a full reference sheet and account done of the caretaker. Art that is done of the caretaker can be sent to me (easiest if noted through the caretaker account once announced), and we will share those pieces on the account.

Remember, this is a community caretaker. The Discord bot itself resides within my Discord server, but this caretaker is for all to use within the community.

Thank you all so much again for participating! Now, view the winner and runner ups below!



Entry #4

Entry by: FoxyKissus on Discord



Entry #3

Entry by: ComfyConnie on Telegram


Comet the Caretaker                                  **3RD PLACE**

                                                                        Entry #5

Species: Wolf-Dog Hybrid              Entry by: OtterlyLittle on Discord


Age: 27 years old


Occupation: Elementary school teacher / part time musician / caretaker


Personality: Comet has a very effervescent, playful personality. She's generally ready with a joke or a smile for those in need, and always willing to listen to their concerns with open ears. Some of her colleagues or friends may sometimes consider her a bit immature due to her optimistic and carefree nature, and especially her tendency to not only indulge the fantasies of those in her care, but to actively and eagerly participate in such play as well. But despite those opinions, she is anything but, taking her responsibilities seriously, any betrayal of those she's entrusted with pure anathema to her. (Her performance evaluations bear this out, as well, with her typically getting exemplary marks despite her 'unorthodox approaches.') There's a good reason variations of "Miss Comet is big, but not boring like other adults!" frequently come from the little ones she teaches or watches. And if those she’s watching are hurt or threatened by out!

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